The Adventures of Sylphide

44. Something Fishy, Something Splashy, and Bells

November fourth dawned, and I woke up with an election hangover. I was ready to put my screens down and do something productive with my time. Thankfully the weather looked like it would cooperate and leave me enough of an opening to pop out into the ocean for a day. I got myself and Sylphide […]

43. Second Verse, Same as the First

Greetings sports fans! We rejoin the action back on the Hudson River, in the sleepy little burg of Coeymans. I returned from a years-long hitch at work to find things just about as I left them. Hudson the sixty-pound swan was still paddling around begging for food and taking people’s thumbs off. Sylphide was still […]

42. Milestones

Everyone knows that September 6th is Jeff Foxworthy’s birthday. Of course, that’s a stupidly obvious thing to say. It’s like saying that everyone knows that the sun rises in the east, or that water is wet. It’s a truth so fundamental, so important, so basic, that it’s part of what defines us as human beings. […]

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