The Adventures of Sylphide

A Quick Update

Howdy sports fans! It’s been a while since my last post here, but not to worry, the adventures continue. I’m still cruising and scribbling along. I’ve been working with a couple of website wizards, and am in the process of building a site that’s nicer to look at, and easier to use. It’s looking great […]

48. The Confused Helmsman, and the Excitable Dog

As I stood on the dock at Deale, fiddling with my shore power connection and waiting for Perkins to warm up, a thirty something foot trawler passed by. She had the unmistakable look of a fellow long distance cruising boat, and was moving with a sense of purpose toward the harbor exit. I suddenly felt […]

47. What a Deale!

My stay in Deale was an eventful and enjoyable one. I’d never been before, which was one of the reasons I’d decided to stop there. It’s also far enough south that I wasn’t worried about a prolonged deep freeze. Another big reason was the local branch of Zimmerman Marine. I’d worked with them at other […]

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