The Adventures of Sylphide

42. Milestones

Everyone knows that September 6th is Jeff Foxworthy’s birthday. Of course, that’s a stupidly obvious thing to say. It’s like saying that everyone knows that the sun rises in the east, or that water is wet. It’s a truth so fundamental, so important, so basic, that it’s part of what defines us as human beings. […]

41. A Very Rivery Summer – Part Deux

Greetings adventurers. You join the action back on the shores of Oneida Lake. The original plan was for Sylphide, Steve, and I to stay at Sylvan Beach for just a couple of nights, and then start heading back east. As time went on, that plan changed. The trip had started a day late due to […]

40. A Very Rivery Summer – Part 1

Disclaimer: This one’s a long one. You might want to grab a snack. And a change of clothes. And your back pills. When Sylphide and I got to Coeymans, I wasn’t really sure what our plans would be for the summer. I’d considered going west to Oneida Lake, or maybe continuing north into Lake Champlain. […]

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