2. Meet Sylphide

Pronounced Cill Feed, Sylphide is the German word for ‘a whale’s vagina.’ No. Not really. What It actually means, at least according to the internets, is: La Sylphide (English: The Sylph; Danish: Sylfiden) is a romantic ballet in two acts. There were two versions of the ballet; the original choreographed by Filippo Taglioni in 1832, and a second version choreographed by August Bournonville in 1836. Bournonville’s is […]

1. The Back Story

Hi. I’m Dave. I’m a native of Central New York, and I’m a commercial sailor by trade. I suspect a large portion of the people reading this already know that, but just in case you didn’t, now you do. As of this writing, I’m 35, and for more than half of those 35 years, I’ve […]