1. The Delivery – Part 1 Toronto to Tonawanda

Well ladies and germs, it’s officially official. I’m the proud new owner of Sylphide. The sale process was a long drawn out emotional roller coaster. At a couple of points I was pretty overwhelmed, and starting to second guess myself. Now that the dust has settled, though, I’m sooooo glad I went to the trouble.

It’s only been a few days aboard now, so I’m still in the honeymoon phase I’m sure. So far though, I’m really loving living aboard this boat. It’s tiny compared to my house, but there has been more than enough room for my folks and I to live aboard quite comfortably for the last six days. Nobody’s stepping on anyone’s toes, and the only thing that I haven’t been able to find a good place for so far is the swiffer.

So far the only thing I can find that doesn’t work is the hot water in the shower. There’s hot water everywhere else, but not there. I know it’s plumbed for it, so I’m thinking there’s an issue with the tap or mixing valve. No worries, so far It’s been easy to find a good clean shower, so I don’t stink yet.

So far this trip, we’ve made it across Lake Ontario from Toronto, transited the Welland Canal, and are now in Tonawanda, getting ready to transit the Erie Canal. I’m really excited for this part of the trip. I’ve never seen this part of the canal before. I wish I had more time to shilly shally, but the goal is to get to Coeymans Landing in the next ten or so days. Should be plenty of time, but I want to stay a little ahead of ‘schedule.’ I’m happy to leave myself some undiscovered country for the next trip anyway.

One thing I’ve noticed about living on this boat, is that it attracts a lot of attention. I’ve had no shortage of people coming up to talk to me, which for the most part has been very pleasant. This must be what it’s like to own a Lamborghini.

We’ll be getting off to a bit of a late start this morning, which has been nice after all the hustle and bustle. I’ll be throwing some fuel into the belly of the beast this morning, and it’s eastward we go.

Pics, cuz it’s totally happening:

The best crew any captain could hope for.
The Wall at Tonawanda
I think people were nicer to me when I still had the Canadian flag up.

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