43. Second Verse, Same as the First

Greetings sports fans! We rejoin the action back on the Hudson River, in the sleepy little burg of Coeymans. I returned from a years-long hitch at work to find things just about as I left them. Hudson the sixty-pound swan was still paddling around begging for food and taking people’s thumbs off. Sylphide was still […]

42. Milestones

Everyone knows that September 6th is Jeff Foxworthy’s birthday. Of course, that’s a stupidly obvious thing to say. It’s like saying that everyone knows that the sun rises in the east, or that water is wet. It’s a truth so fundamental, so important, so basic, that it’s part of what defines us as human beings. […]

39. The Hudson

After two beautiful nights basking in the glow of Lady Liberty, it was time to move along. The longer I stayed staring at the city, the more I wanted to go in and visit. It’s odd enough for me to have such an urge, since we have such a mixed history, but the draw was […]

38. Atlantic City to New York Harbor

The next day dawned sunny and warm, but the wind continued to blow out of the south. This meant that the seas outside would likely be no better than they had been outside of Cape May, and were probably a little worse. So, I’d be spending another day inside, which was no great hardship. I’d […]

37. The Jersey Shore

When the time came to leave Cape May, I got underway without really knowing which way to go. On my way south in the fall, I’d taken the outside ocean route down from Atlantic City. It’s basically a straight line down the coast, and without all of the twists and turns of the ICW, it’s […]