30. Quarantine Cruising, Sylphide style

I left Southport Marina after just one night’s stay, and without having come within six feet of anyone, for better or worse. I caught the last of the flood tide up the Cape Fear River, and was shot through Snows Cut like a spicy burrito through a sensitive intestinal tract. [Insert relevant joke about toilet […]

29. Cruising Into the Apocalypse

The next morning, I felt like I’d had Domino’s and a terrible night’s sleep the night before. This is because I had. My mattress and I haven’t been getting along well lately, and replacing it is becoming a higher priority with every sore, creaky, early morning. While coffee soaked into my joints to loosened them […]

28. On the Road Again

When I were a lad, I used to carry around a brochure for the Nordhavn 46. I would stare at that brochure whenever I had an empty moment. I would dream about owning one, what I would call her, what color and layout I’d pick, and all of the places we would go. I wanted […]

27. Charleston

And just like that, a whirlwind month in Charleston has come and gone. Well, Sylphide was there for a month anyway. I spent one of those weeks in Nowhere, Ontario for the annual company meetings, and I stopped back in Hometown, NY to visit and take care of some appointments. When I returned to Charleston […]

25. Georgetown

Howdy sports fans! Shortly after the events of my last post, I found myself being jumped on by an unbelievably sweet and tiny dogbeast called Milo. I met this ferocious creature in the dock office at Harborwalk Marina, where I’d signed Sylphide and myself up for a two night stay. In my initial planning, I […]

24. The Grand Strand

Oh, hello. The morning after my last post, I was feeling something new, something different, something wonderful. I woke up on a boat that not only wasn’t beeping at me, but was warm, full of fuel and fresh oil, full of water and groceries, and it even smelled kinda nice. For what might be the […]