10. Back to Coeymans.

Well, after something like six weeks away, Dad and I finally returned to Sylphide today. It was a busy day right off the bat. we loaded up all the junk I’d ordered while I was at work. We put together my new 65 pound Mantus anchor, removed the old shower valve to size for replacement, removed the old hailing port of Kingston from the transom, and made some new friends.

Tomorrow we hope to rebuild on today’s destruction. Hopefully we can source and install a new shower valve, place the new hailing port on the stern, remove the old anchor and install the new, and lay in some provisions for the trip south.

I’m one of just a handful of boats still floating around here. Most of the marina is all snuggled up in shrink wrap. The water to the docks is shut off, and the power will be shut off on Monday. I’m hoping to leave Monday morning. It’s going to get down into the 30’s for the next few nights. Thankfully the heat is working beautifully, and I’ve got more blankets than sense.

Looking forward to the adventure!

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