9. Getting Ready to Head South

Today was somehow very productive and frustratingly unproductive. I got the new home port vinyl lettering stuck on, and it came out well. There’s some shadowing from the previous stickers, but that’ll be there till the next paint job.

I filled up the water tanks, shipped the dinghy back aboard, cleaned and organized a billion and a half things, provisioned, filled the propane tanks, scratch built a custom model of Cutty Sark, and spent about 6 hours making trips back and forth to one hardware store or another trying to get this damned shower valve working. No joy on that unfortunately.

The old valve was one of those thermostatic valves, where you can set the temperature. I took it apart and found that there were some broken bits of plastic inside, and figured it was shot. I bought a new one similar to the old one and after several hours of trying to find the right bits to make it work, it’s doing the same damned thing the old one was. For whatever reason, it won’t let any hot water through. So I can have a shower at whatever temperature I like, so long as it’s colder than my ex wife’s heart. I’m going to try a local RV store tomorrow, and if that doesn’t work, then I’m just going to give up on showers altogether.

We’ve gotten lots of heavy rain all across upstate NY over the last week, and there’s been lots of flooding. The tides here on the Hudson are probably 3-4′ above normal, and the current is running pretty strong. There’s lots of big debris in the turd brown water too, which gives me another reason to stick around here till Monday. Hopefully things will settle down a bit by then.

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