16. Some Rough Days

This is the third time I’ve typed this entry over the course of the last couple of days. I keep thinking, naa, just cool down Dave, and then I delete it. Well, the time has come. I need to vent. I have not been enjoying the last several days of this adventure. I spent most […]

14. Into the Great Wide Open

In the country, a rooster wakes you up. When anchored in New York Harbor, the Fucking ferries wake you up. At precisely zero-dark-thirty, they start crisscrossing the harbor at flank speed, throwing wakes the size of Matterhorns. My battery voltage was pretty low this morning. It was low yesterday morning too. I worry that I’m […]

13. Manhattan Sleigh Ride

Dear Diary, The trip down from Cornwall to the George Washington bridge was calm and smooth. It was a gray, gloomy day, but comfortable enough, and the scenery in the lower Hudson is impressive. It’s entirely possible that there’s something else out there that looks like the Palisades, but I haven’t seen it. Words like […]

12. Go South, Young Man

Finally heading south! Today has been a good day. I made 60 miles from Coeymans to a cozy bend in the river at Cornwall that is as close to an anchorage as I’m likely to find around here. The river was rife with junk and debris from all the flooding, which made for a zig-zaggy […]

11. Getting Ready to Head South

Today was somehow very productive and frustratingly unproductive. I got the new home port vinyl lettering stuck on, and it came out well. There’s some shadowing from the previous stickers, but that’ll be there till the next paint job. I filled up the water tanks, shipped the dinghy back aboard, cleaned and organized a billion […]

10. Back to Coeymans.

Well, after something like six weeks away, Dad and I finally returned to Sylphide today. It was a busy day right off the bat. we loaded up all the junk I’d ordered while I was at work. We put together my new 65 pound Mantus anchor, removed the old shower valve to size for replacement, […]